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village of Slanotran

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Slanotran is a village in Northwest Bulgaria. It is located in Vidin municipality, Vidin region.

It is 16 km northeast of the town of Vidin, 73 km north of the town of Belogradchik, 76 km northwest of the town of Lom, 214 km north of the capital Sofia. The bay of Vidin - North is the ferry that is 12 km of the village.

The altitude is about 20 m.

The climate is characterized by cold winter with minimal precipitation and hot summer with lots of rainfall. The plain terrain and the openness of the Vidin plain makes easy the access during the spring, the summer and the fall of the hot air flows, while in the winter there are cold air flows from east.

The permanent population is about 550 people. The village is with electricity and water systems.

In the village there are working town hall, temple, stores, bakery, coffee shop. The medical assistance is taken by GP and dentist. The nearest schools and hospitals are in the town of Vidin.

In the of Slanotran there is unique Easter tradition. There from more than 100 years is made the ritual "digging Christ from the grave" as this symbolically is showing the resurrection of Christ.

The holiday of village is on 15 August St Bogoroditsa.

Tourism and landmarks


In nearest proximity is spring from one the most healing waters in Bulgaria. They compare her with Karlovi Vari and other important international SPA resorts. From depth 850 m is springs water gazer with 405 l per second. The temperature of the water is about 42 degrees. In 1986 the unique spring is covered with a couple of meters of cement.

Danube river offers options for relaxation and fishing.

Magurata cave is 64 km southwest of the village of Slanotran. The exit of the cave - Vratach will bring you to the bank of Rabishkoto lake. It is the largest lake in Bulgaria. Its waters have no exit  and it is filled with water from karst springs. The place is suitable for water sports, hunting and fishing.

In the town of Vidin is located Baba Vida fortress that dates back to the X century and is connected to the defense of the town in the Medieval times. Also there you can see the Vidin fortress Kaleto which beginning was made by the fortress walls and then the Romans strengthened it and it is preserved to this town. 

Turkish konak "Koluka", the mosque and the library Osman Pazvantogulu, the Turkish post office, art gallery and the Jewish
synagogue, the Drama Theater, the cathedral St Dimitar, the churches "St Nikolay", "St Pantaleymon", "St Petka", the palace of the Vidin bishopric, the mausoleum of the first Bulgarian Ekzharh Antim I and other beautiful buildings from passed epochs.

In the town of Belogradchik is located one of the most interesting natural phenomenons of Bulgaria - Belogradchishkite rocks.


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