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village of Skobelevo

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Skobelevo is a village in Southern Bulgaria. It is part of Dimitrovgrad municipality, Haskovo region.

The village is named after General Skobelev - a Russian general famous for his conquest of Central Asia and heroism during the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-78. In Bulgaria there are four villages of the same name - in Lovech region, Stara Zagora region, Plovdiv region and Sliven region.

It is situated 12 km east of Parvomay, 20 km northeast of Dimitrovgrad, 30 km northwest of Haskovo, 60 km west of Plovdiv and 180 km from Sofia city. 

The territory is characterized by Mediterranean-like climate. Summer is dry and hot, and winters are mild. Through the village passes Maritsa River and nearby -  River Kayaliyka with a small waterfall.

The altitude is around 130 m.

Population is approximately 500 people.

The village is developed and has maintained infrastructure. There are electricity, water and communications networks. The main streets are asphalted and lighted. On the territory of Skobelevo you can find the buildings of the city-hall, a medical center woth doctor and dentist, a community center with a library, shop, pub.

The nearest primary school is in the village of Yabalkovo /about 7 km away/ and the closest kindergarten is in the village of Gorski Izvor /about 12 km/. High-schools, secondary schools and specialized medical care can be found on the territory of Dimitrovgrad.

The village has a railway station on the line Svilengrad-Plovdiv-Sofia. There is a regular bus service to neighboring towns and villages.


In 2008, a memorial plaque of General Skobelev was opened. It is made of black marble and mounted on the wall of the City Hall. There is another one memorial plaque - in honor of the great Bulgarian poet Peyo Kracholov Yavorov, which is mounted on the building of the railway station.

3 km south in the neighboring village of Stalevo in 1897 was built the church "St. Archangel Michael". The temple is one of the largest in the municipality of Dimitrovgrad and there are two icons of the late 19th century. In the same village is located the historic area Hasara with medieval fortress and a Thracian sanctuary.

About 5 km to the east, archaeologists already several years are exploring a mound with three layers of cultural periods - Prehistory, Antiquity and the Middle Ages. There have been found remains of residential buildings, multiple pit structures and interesting objects from the old inhabitants of these lands.

On the territory of the municipality, along the Maritsa river, is the protected Zlato pole area, with inestimable wealth of flora and fauna. Includes a set of water bodies of varying size, shape and depth, and bulrush and cane plantations, islands and pastures.

20 km southeast of the village in Kasnakovo, you can view the Thracian sanctuary of the Nymphs - ruins of religious buildings dating back to the II century, inn from III century, amphitheater of IV fourth century and architecturally designed three springs with pools located on an ellipse.

25 km south is the village of Mineralni Bani - a resort with hot springs and exceptional healing properties of water.


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