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Village of Sklave

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Sklave is a village situated in South-western Bulgaria. It is part of Sandanski Municipality, Blagoevgrad region.

The village is 71 km south-east from town of Blagoevgrad, 10 km in the same direction from town of Sandanski, 157 km south from city of Sofia, 11 km west from town of Melnik and 19 km north from the Bulgarian-Greek border at village of Kulata.

Regular bus to and from town of Sandanski and the neighbouring villages serves Sklave.

The population is approximately 1490 people.

The village spreads at the middle part of Pirin Mountain, at 183 m above sea level. It characterizes with transitional-Mediterranean climate. Long, hot summers and mild, warm winters.

Sklavska River passes through the village. There are mineral springs between the villages of Sklave and Spatovo. They are beneficial for the development of balneotherapy and tourism.

The natural conditions are favourable for growing industrial crops, perennial trees - vineyards, peaches, apples and early vegetables.

There are conditions for the development of sheep-breeding and cattle-breeding. The village comprises concrete ranges for production of pipes, lining slabs and inert materials. Several tailoring workshops work in the village as well.

Sklave is a well-developed village. It is provided with electricity, water, sewerage system, radio, telephone net and cable TV. There is a town-hall, a comprehensive school, a kindergarten, a community centre, a church, a doctor, two dentists, an amateur football team and shops.

At present the comprehensive school in Sklave educates children from the neighbouring villages. It is provided with a school bus that drives the pupils from the villages of Spatovo, Hotovo, Zornitsa, Lyubovishte, Rozhen, Vinogradi and the town of Melnik. Children from village of Laskarevo attend the classes as well.


There are 11 well-preserved houses declared monuments of culture. They are in Rhodopes style with influence from the Melnik style.

In eastern direction from the village were found remnants from a settlement of the Iron Age, the Antiquity and the Middle Ages. There are remnants from the Thracian period as well.

Traditional fair connected with a legend about Sparta takes place in Sklave around 15th June. This fair used to be a slave market - the name of the village originates from 'sklav' - 'slave' in Latin. According to some unofficial sources at this market the leader of the biggest anti-Roman slave rebellion - Sparta, was sold. According to other unofficial sources this is the village where Sparta was born. Nowadays the fair is one of the biggest regional stock markets.

Another event is the fair of 'The Holy Spirit' church, which takes place on the holiday with the same name.

The tourist may visit in the region the smallest town in Bulgaria - Melnik and the biggest monastery in Pirin Mountain - Rhozen Monastery.

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