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Village of Skandaloto

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Skandaloto is a village situated in Apriltsi Municipality, Lovech region.

Skandaloto is located 47 km south from town of Lovech, 6 km south-east from town of Apriltsi, 17 km west from town of Troyan and 12 km in the same direction from village of Oreshak.

Its population is approximately 70 people.

Skandaloto spreads out the banks of Vidima River, at the foot the Balkan Mountain. It is 634 m above sea level.

The climate characterizes with mild winter and cool summer.

The village is provided with water, electricity, telephone net of the mobile operators and cable TV. Almost all streets are asphalted. There are several shops, restaurants, hotels and family guest houses.

The nearest school and kindergarten are in town of Apriltsi.

Traditional means of living are agriculture, fruit-growing, producing of wood materials and ceramics.

Tourism and landmarks

The village comprises several hotels and family guest houses that are perfect for recreation and relaxation. They have restaurants and taverns with traditional Bulgarian cuisine.

Skandaloto is with great potential for eco, rural and fishing tourism. The settlement managed to preserve the spirit of the Bulgarian Revival period with its well-kept old houses.

Vidima River is perfect for sun-bathing and fishing. The fresh air and tranquility of the area attract the mountain lovers.

The biggest horse stables in Bulgaria are just 10 km away from town of Apriltsi.

One of the oldest houses in the village is turned into an ethnographic complex. It was made of renovated old houses with preserved authentic exterior.

Another unique landmark is the local church of St Archangel Michael (1870). It distinguishes with original wall-paintings and interesting stone figurines on the outer walls.

The holiday of the village is on 8th November (The Day of Archangel Michael).

In close proximity to Skandaloto are located some of the most visited tourist sites in the country:

Troyan Monastery - the biggest monastery on the Balkan Mountain and the third biggest one in Bulgaria. It is 11 km away from the village.
Town of Apriltsi - the town managed to preserve the amazing nature of the Balkan Mountain.
Village of Oreshak - excellent place for eco and rural tourism.
Town of Troyan - tourist centre with typical architecture of the Bulgarian Revival period
The waterfall 'Raysko praskalo' - the highest waterfall on the Balkan Peninsula and one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bulgaria. New and well-kept eco-path leads to the place.


Regular bus transportation to and from Sofia, Troyan and Apriltsi serves the village.

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