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Village of Shtraklevo

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Shtraklevo is a village in the Central part of Northern Bulgaria. It is situated in Ivanovo Municipality, Ruse Region.

It is 14 km south of Ruse, 20 km east of Ivanovo, 178 km north-west of Varna, 109 km north-east of Veliko Tarnovo and 303 km in the same direction of Sofia.

Regular transportation on the bus line Ruse-Shtraklevo serves the village.

Shtraklevo nestles in the Danube plain, at 167 m above the sea level. It is in close proximity to Rusenski Lom Natural Park.

Plain relief and humid continental climate. The area characterizes with hot, dry summer and cold winter.

Shtraklevo is the biggest village in Ivanovo Municipality, with population approximately of 2600 people. Good infrastructure, water, electricity and communication equipment (telephone central, coverage of the mobile operators, Internet connection) are provided. Envisaged project for sewerage system construction.

There is a town-hall, a post office, a medical centre, a police inspector on duty, an elementary school, a kindergarten, a community centre, food shops, public houses, etc.

Ruse Airport is situated in the southern part of the village. Its location is perfect for combining rail, road, air and water transportation of goods.

There are two small workshops for metal wares, one workshop for sausages and meat products, one mill for grain and one tailoring workshop.

The population is occupied in growing agriculture crops and perennial plants - mainly vineyards.

Cultural landmarks and tourism

'St Nicolay' church was built during the Ottoman rule, on the ruins of the first church in the village - 'St George' (which was burnt down in this same period). In 1927 it was demolished and reconstructed into its nowadays appearance (named after St Nicolay).

'Svetlostrui' museum collection is situated in the building of the first elementary school in the village (built in 1914). It was ethnographic collection at the beginning, and from 1981 till now is a literature collection. The exposition represents the traditions of the village, the activities of the community centre, the 'Svetlostrui' newspaper and the Union of the province writers.

Ruse Airport has not been working for several years. Nowadays its runway is used for different attractions and competitions (presentations and test-driving of new cars and various transport equipment; organizing amateur motor bikes battues, and night flights with radio controllable helicopters).

Shtraklevo is located in close proximity to Rusenski Lom Natural Park. The place is very convenient for practicing rock climbing, canoe rowing, ecological, bicycle, cave and pedestrian tourism. The guests may visit in the region Ivanovo rock churches, Big Nisovski monastery, the medieval town of Cherven, etc.

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