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Village of Shishkovtsi

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Shishkovtsi is a village in western Bulgaria, it is part of Kyustendil Municipality, Kyustendil region.

It is 12 km northeast from the city of Kyustendil.

The population is about 700 inhabitants.

The terrain is flat and hilly, with altitude of about 500 m.
Climate in the region is temperate continental, characterized by mild winter with average temperatures around -2 º C, warm and dry summer with average temperatures around 27 º C.

Shishkovtsi has well-developed infrastructure, which includes partially paved streets and lighting, complete electrification, water system, telephone, mobile phone coverage and public internet access.

About 3 km from the village passes E871 European route, which connects city with border checkpoint Gyueshevo and towns of Kyustendil and Sofia.

There is regular bus service that connects the city with the town of Kyustendil. Also in Shishkovtsi there is railway station on the railway line Sofia-Gyueshevo.

The village has a town hall, post office, operating community center, kindergarten and parish church "St. Archangel Michael".

Health Service serves the population of Shishkovtsi. There is a network of shops and restaurants.

Nearest health and education facilities are located in Kyustendil.

Livelihood of the population is agriculture: vegetables, fruit and livestock.

Tourist and cultural attractions

River Strumitsa runs nearby and is a good place for walking and relaxation in beautiful nature.

The village has a house-monument of the painter Vladimir Dimitrov - the Master. It was opened in 1972 and represents a community center building with movie-theater room with 303 seats, a library with 6500 titles and reading room, chamber, exhibition, conference and wedding hall, shop and administrative offices. In front of  it there is a bronze monument of the artist, and in the park around the building are placed his remains, embedded in the memorial wall. Also in the village there is a museum-house "Vladimir Dimitrov - the Master. "

In the lands of the village were found remains of Neolithic settlement. Subsequently were discovered two Roman chariots and copper coins from the early Middle Ages.

The convenient connection of the village with the city of Kyustendil allows visits to the located in the city mineral springs and health resort, and the Roman Baths in the city center. Hill "Hissarluka" rises 2 km southeast from the city. The fortress was built at the end of IV - beginning of V century.


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