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village of Sharkovo

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Sharkovo is a village in southeatern Bulgaria. It is part of Bolyarovo municipality, Yambol region.

It is situated 16 km south of Bolyarovo, 30 km southeast of Elhovo, 76 km south of Yambol, 89 km southwest of Burgas and 353 km southeast of the capital Sofia.

The altitude is 321 m. The village is located in a hilly region, next to the western slopes of Strandja. The climate is continental. It is characterized by hot summers and cold winters, with average January temperature around zero. Spring is cool and frequent falling temperatures in winter, while autumn is long and warm usually. The area is one of the hottest in the country.

The population is about 210 people. Access to the village is done by an asphalt road. Sharkovo has electricity and water. It has a regular bus service to the surrounding villages, as well as to the towns of Bolyarovo and Yambol.

There are also a town hall, a church, a kindergarten, a bakery, a pub. The village has a general practitioner. The nearest school is located in Bolyarovo. The closest hospital is in Yambol.

According to a legend Sharkovo was founded by two brothers painters. The bigger one settled in Great Boyalak (Golyamo Sharkovo; Big Sharkovo). It is believed that the village was incurred before 300-400 years.

Sightseeings and landmarks

Near Sharkovo are the medieval fortress "Gradishteto" - on "Sarlaka" peak /which has not been studied till today/ and a chain of fortresses, that guarded the road to the capital of Byzantium. Archaeologists think the oldest remnants date back of the V century BC - findings from the Thracian.

In Bolyarovo you can visit the Ethnographic Museum.

In village of Stefan Karadjovo, 26 km north of Sharkovo, you can visit the house-museum "Stefan Karadzha" and see the monument to the founders of the Strandja Buna. There is also the church "Uspenie Bogorodichno".

In the village of Popovo, 30 km north of the village, is the birth home of Indje Voivoda.

8 km north is Malko Sharkovo lake. Suitable for leisure and tourism, as well as for sport fishing. In 1989 the area around the lake was designated by BirdLife International otornitologichna important point of all, on a national and European scale. It is a permanent resting place for wintering waterfowl: 45 bird species, 16 of which are listed in the Red Book of Bulgaria.



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