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Selce village

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general information

Selce village is located in north-eastern Bulgaria and is part of Kavarna municipality, Dobrich region. It is located 60 km away from the city of Varna, 50 km away from the town of Dobrich, 8 km away from the town of Kavarna, 18 km away from the town of Balchik and 4 km away from Varna-Durankulak main road.
Number of population - approximately 120 people. The relief is flat and the climate is temperate-continental influenced by the proximity of the Black Sea.


The information concerning the past of the village is rather scarce. It is known that in 9th - 10th century AD there used to be an ancient Bulgarian settlement. No archaeological findings were revealed though to provide more information about those times. During the Ottoman Domination the name of the village used to be Malkoch. It received its present name in 1942. The fact that it was named Seltze ( "a small village" in Bulgarian) states that the settlement has never been too populous.


In the village there is a community center where a folklore group and a national traditions club are established, a mayor's office, a stadium, a grocery shop and a pub. The roads are in a good condition, the village is supplied with both water and electricity. The local people are engaged into farming. Various kinds of fruits and vegetables are grown there - pepper, cabbage, water-melons, melons, pumpkins etc. Some of the locals are working in nearby Kavarna.

culture and prospects

Even though the settlement is rather small it is obvious that due to its proximity to the Black Sea coast it has been noticed by the investors. On both sides of the village there are wind-turbines installed. Few new buildings, properties of foreign citizens are to be seen along with the old houses typical for the region. The new buildings are not many enough to change the look of the village.  In most cases their foreign owners would only refresh the old houses aiming to keep their authentic architecture.
The pride of the village are the elderly women from the amateur folklore group who have taken part and became winners in many festivals. The football team of the village also gives many reasons of the locals to be proud. It was established two years ago but have already became winner of the local championship.
Seltze is one of the settlements in Dobrudja with great prospectives for future development. Many properties are purchased by English citizens and the interest is rising in spite of the fact that the prices of land in the village were not affected by the crisis. Due to the specific conditions in the area seven wind-turbines are rising near the village, 15 more are about to be installed. There are also excellent conditions for the construction of villa settlements or a golf-course.

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