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Village of Ryahovo

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Ryahovo is a village situated in the Central part of Northern Bulgaria. It is part of Slivo pole Municipality, Ruse district.

Ryahovo is located at the banks of Danube River. It is 29 km north-east from town of Ruse, 7 km in the same direction from town of Slivo pole, 34 km west from town of Tutrakan and 76 km north from town of Razgrad.

The population of the village is approximately 1 700 people.

The village is set in the Eastern part of the Danube plain. It is about 21 m above sea level. The climate is humid continental and characterizes with hot, dry summers and cold winters.

Ryahovo is a big village with well-developed infrastructure. Water, electricity, telephone net, cable TV and Internet are provided. Functional street illumination is installed in the village.
There is a town hall, a post office, a harbour, a comprehensive school, a community centre, a doctor's cabinet and shops.
One of the attractions in the village is the carting speedway. There is a football playground, a camping and a swimming pool as well.
The village benefits from a nice beach which is suitable for sun-baths and fishing.

Ryahovo is agricultural region. Vegetables and animals are raised in the private houses. Private companies work in the sphere of trade, bread production and tailoring.


Local landmarks are St George Church built in 1887 and the Monument for the dead soldiers. National fair takes place on 24th May each year.
Danube River is suitable for river and fishing tourism. The land around the harbour is with the typical attractive beauty of the Bulgarian islands in this part.
'Apiariya' - antic castle is set in the high part of the Danube banks. It is famous as 'Kaleto' or 'Hisarya'.
Archeological excavations were made in the area. Valuable ceramics, coins, two statues of god Dionysus, etc. were found.

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