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village of Rumanya

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Rumanya is a village in South Bulgaria. It belongs on municipality of Stara Zagora, which is in Stara Zagora Ragion.

It is situated in nearly 1 km Northern from the main road Sofia-Burgas, 27 km Western from Stara Zagora, and 12 km Eastern from Nova Zagora.

The population is about 56 citizens.
The terrain average altitude is 196 m. The climate in the area is Humid continental with a mild winter, early coming spring and hot summer. 

There is a line of the public transport which supports the Rumalaya village two times a day, 7 days per week.
The closest medical centre is located in Bratya Kunchevi village, but the closest settled hospital is in Nova Zagora. 
On the village territory there is a Children's Community Centre. The closest located Primary School is in Bratya Kunchevi village, but the closest kindergarten is in Nova Zagora. 

The village has an electricity, water and a system of sewers. There is a constant coverage of mobile operators. The streets are paved.

Sights Park and Reception Centre

600 m North of the village has a remains of ancient, probably Thracian sanctuary, called Tikyata.
4 km far from the village is Chercovska reka (Chercovska river); on the same distance from the village has a small dam which serves for the irrigation of the area. This is one an incredibly beautiful place which is suitable for fishing and relax. 
3 or 4 km far on the river's path the nature has formed the area Yurta- one of the perfect places for tourism in the closest area.
Near Rumanya were found a lot of Thracian mounds and wells.
Karanovo village, which is just 4 km North is well known with its ancient Karanovska mogila (Karanovska mound).


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