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village of Rogozen

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Rogozen is a village in northwestern Bulgaria. It is within the boundaries of Hayredin municipality, Vratsa District.

The village is located about 17 km southeast of Hayredin village, about 45 km northeast of Vratsa and approximately 155 km from Sofia city in the same direction.
The terrain is hilly and the altitude of the village varies from 80 to 170 meters. Climate is moderate continental with cold winters and hot summers.

The village has electricity, water and mobile coverage.
The transport network is excellent - bus lines connect Rogozen with Lom /60 km northwest/, Hayredin, Oryahovo /37 km northeast/, Byala Slatina /23 km southeast/, Vratsa and Sofia.

Rogozen is big and well developed village with a population of around 1070 people. There are a post office, a church, a library, a secondary school, a kindergarten, a cinema, a youth club, a pensioner's club, also several grocery stores and restaurants, a playground, a small park and two fountains with spring water.

The village has a general practitioner. Specialized assistance can be obtained from any of the medical centers in Vratsa.


Landmarks and tourism

In the third Sunday of June is held Rogozen traditional festival.

The area of ​​the village is very picturesque. Burzina river passes by and a kilometer west is Rogozen dam lake which is suitable for recreation and fishing.

The name of the village became very popular when in Rogozen was found the largest Thracian treasure in Bulgaria - famous as Rogozen treasure. It weighs more than 20 kg and consists of 108 vials, 54 pitchers and 3 cups, 165 silver objects in total.

Dating is relatively wide, from VI to the first half of IV century B.C. It is assumed that the treasure was owned by a local Thracian royal family. The treasure was discovered in two parts. The first part of the 65 objects was discovered by accident in the courtyard of the house. An year later in the garden, only four meters away from the first bunch the archaeologists discovered the remaining 100 objects. Rogozen treasure has announced the find of the century. Most of it is stored in the Regional Historical Museum - Vratsa and 20 courts are owned by the National History Museum in Sofia.

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