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village of Rogachevo

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Rogachevo - a village between the sea and the pine wood....



Rogachevo is a village in North-East Bulgaria. It is part of Balchik Municipality, Dobrich District. Distance to capital city: 389.785. Area size of Village of Rogachevo: 19.24km2
The village of Rogachevo is located 28 km away to the north of the city of Varna, 25 km away from Varna Airport, and 4 km away from Albena resort. The town of Balchik, famous for the Queen Maria's palace, its opulent Botanic garden and picture-gallery, is 12 km away. In the vicinity there are three professional golf courses and one golf training school. To the west the resort complexes are bordered by the Batova reserve that is abounding in game and suitable for hunting tourism. The town of Kavarna, known for its Black Sea architecture and the rock concerts by world-famous musicians held every week, is only 32 km away. The village itself enjoys extensive view to the mountains and the Black Sea and has become one of the most sought after locations on the coast . From the north Rogachevo is surrounded with pine woods making its air fresher. This is a unique place offering an incredible combination of sea, mountain, exceptionally clean air and lots of sunny days!


The village

The village has a mix of locals and foreign property owners and is known locally as' Beverly Hills' because of the luxury villas and expanding development of the village which is making the area very exclusive. 'Roga' meaning the 'Horned Ones',- Goats that is, pass through the village on their way to fresh pasture daily. There are two small shops in the village (Pandora's Box- you can buy almost everything there!) There is a bus service which runs regularly to the resort of Albena, Kranevo, Balchik, Varna and Dobrich.



Information about the past of the village are scarce. In its vicinity are found necropolises of I-II century before Christ. They show that life in those places there was even a time of the Thracians. Tombs provoke interest treasure-hunters. The legend has it that a treasure was buried by Valchan voyvoda. During the centuries of slavery Turkish village was called Gek chiler. Behind the old stone walls  were constructed modern houses. The regional expert George Topalov the name translates as "hunters of deer. Bulgarians come here mainly from the village Vaysal Odrinska in Thrace. It is difficult to determine exactly when they settled in these places. The register of the population by 1945 on shows that even in the period 1855-1877 on here were born Bulgarians. However has to keep in mind that the register was drawn up by memories of the elderly or the heirs of the first settlers - so you can not claim absolute accuracy. Filling the document thus had since its withdrawal in the Romanian ocupators take with them or destroy old records. The comparative analysis of data from the register indicates that the Bulgarians come in these places most likely in the years around and after liberation. 3-4 families are preselvat municipality of Kumanovo, Varna. One family comes from another village in Odrinska Thrace - Telim Tepe. Single families arrive from Elensko, Kotelsko and other settlements in Dobrudja. During the Romanian occupation of the village was renamed Vanatori / hunters. After the return of South Dobrudja to Bulgaria the local population insists the new name of the village is Elenovo. However, the proposal is not accepted. In 1942 with the idea of the local priest was renamed the village of Rogachevo. The region expert George Topalov argues that local people do not like the new name because they thought it is offensive. School in the village there was during the Romanian occupation. Over 60 - they or 70 - years of last century the school is closed. Old people remember and a chapel. During the communist regime it was abandoned.



Today Rogachevo live in about 300 people. Formal local residents to address registration in the village are  200. More than 20 foreigners have purchased houses. 10 years ago in the village has been around 90 houses. Over 60 new, without the numerous holiday settlements.


Not long after the village will have a golf course, together with the resort to Albena. Located on an area of 500 hectares, the golf course will be constructed in three phases. First will be necessary to detect Golf Academy to train the players - in a period of 2 years. The next phase is the golf course for 9 holes, which in the third stage must become a full field with 18 holes.

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