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village of Reselets

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Reselets is a village in Central Northern Bulgaria, in the Municipality Cherven bryag, Pleven Province. 

It is 64 km southwest of Pleven, 6 km in the same direction from the town of Cherven Bryag.

 The population numbers about 1070 inhabitants.


Situated on the border between Pre Balkan and Danubian hilly plain, at an altitude of 209 m.
The climate is temperate. The average January temperature is -3 C, the average July is 23 C. Heavy snowfall and winds blowing cause problems. Southern winds in spring cause rapid snow melt and flooding there.
Here flow the rivers Rachene and Beliloto.

The village is with well-maintained infrastructure.
Here function kindergarten, community center, elementary school, medical practice.
Regular bus and train transport to settlements in the area. The village is on a railway station of destination Sofia-Varna.

The main production activity of enterprises located in the municipality is in the field of military industry, machinery, knitwear industry and food industry.
Natural and climatic conditions have a positive impact on the development of agriculture and forestry. Good progress has vegetables that satisfy basic personal needs of farmers. Also it is well supported and livestock (cattle, pigs, poultry).

TOURISM and landmarks

The whole area is full of natural formations, numerous caves and offers interesting tourist routes impressive river canyons. This is one of the few places in the country, where live scorpions.
The region has many groups of rock towers with a height of 20-30 m, which resemble different shapes. The most famous of them are Kuklite and Kupenite
1.5 km from the center of Reselets is ancient castle Kaleto. Much of the fortress wall is still preserved and can be found behind walls of large buildings. Spring waters from the area of ​​Dobri Dol, were conveyed by water from an ancient clay pipes to the fortress. It has been updated with a new route which follows the ancient water supply and the local lodge. In the land of the village there are four tombs in the village and a medieval necropolis. Waterfall jump Belilka River is 9 meters in height, but a very interesting natural phenomenon, due to unusual species.
Iskar River also offers great opportunities for water tourism, fishing, beaches, diverse recreational in nature. River south of Cherven bryag still flows in the canyon, which although not as grand as the Iskar Gorge, is an attractive tourist site.

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