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village of Rebrovo

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Rebrovo is a village in Western Bulgaria, part of Svoge Municipality, Sofia District. 

It is about 25 km north of Sofia,  and about 15 km southeast of Svoge

The population numbers about 880 people. 

Located at the foot of Stara Planina mountain, beautifully situated in the amazing Iskar Gorge at 729 m altitude. Runs through its territory the longest river in Bulgaria - the Iskar River /368 km/. 
The area falls within the temperate climatic zone. Typically there are cold winters, cool summers and - occurring early autumn, compared to other parts of the country. 

The village is electrified, built with partial water supply and electricity networks. 
Here is coverage of all mobile operators, automatic telephone exchange, cable TV and Internet. 
In the village primary school, community center, kindergarten, a medical practice. 
To the village there is regular transport - rail and route line. 


Rebrovo and the surrounding area offer a range of cultural - historical and natural attractions. Not by chance it is popular holiday destination for weekends because of its proximity to Sofia and easy access. 

Interesting tourist sites are: 

  •  Batuliyski Monastery St. Nicholas was founded early 20 th century is situated near the village of trampoline, 14 kmfrom Svoge, 4 km fromRebrovo from the shore of the river Batuliyska. Permanent basis. 
  • Beautiful Iskar Gorge is located in the western Balkan Mountains where the Iskar River forms a picturesque gorge, crossing the mountains between the Sofia plain and Danube Valley. Much of the slopes of the gorge for years was unavailable for living in places the river is howling between the cliffs, while in the Iskar Gorge have not passed rail and road. Then begin to settle and people on both sides of the river and formed many small, picturesque villages, the village Kurilo / Sofia / in villages Vlado Trichkov, onions, Rebrovo, Thompson and others. the village Lyutibrod / Vratsa. Clean air and breathtaking views, and convenient rail made settlements in the region attractive for lovers of suburban life for many people working in the capital. 
  • Vazov Trail is one of the many tourist route around the Iskar Gorge. 

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