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Village of Razhdak

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Razhdak is a village in South-western Bulgaria, part of Petrich Municipality, Blagoevgrad region.

It is 2 km east from town of Petrich, 84 km south from town of Blagoevgrad, 166 km in the same direction from city of Sofia and 14 km west from the Bulgarian-Greek border at village of Kulata. Regular bus transportation with town of Petrich and village of Kulata.

Village of Razhdak spreads out the foot of Belasitsa Mountain, at 285 m above the sea level. The climate is transitional Mediterranean and characterizes with hot, long summer and mild, short winter.

The name of the village derives from the rusty water ('razhda' - rust in English) that used to run from its springs. The old village is set in Belasitsa Mountain and most of the houses there are from the times of the Ottoman rule. The new village is constructed with solid houses. It is a continuation of the old one and is closer to town of Petrich. Razhdak is a village from 1912. Its present population is approximately 260 people.

The settlement is provided with electricity, water and communication equipment. The residential areas are almost new. There is a town-hall, a police cabinet, a church, a stadium, shops and a hotel. Private companies in the tailoring services work here. The region is favourable for tobacco and vine growing.

The medical services and the education centres are in the municipal town of Petrich (just 2 km away).

Tourism and landmarks

The guests of Razhdak may visit the municipal town of Petrich and go to the Historical Museum, the church 'The Virgin Mary' (built in 1857) declared monument of culture, the church 'St George' and the church 'St Nicola'.

Only 23 km away is the national park-museum - Samuil Fortress.

Just 12 km away is Rupite place - popular with its hot mineral springs and the temple of Vanga Prophet.

The balneotherapy resort of Marikostinovo is 10 km away.

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