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village of Rakita

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Rakita is a village in West Bulgaria. It is situated in Slivnitsa municipality, Sofia region.

In Bulgaria there is one other settlement that carries the same name and it is situated in Cherven bryag municipality, Pleven region.

It is 15 km southwest in the town of Slivnitsa, 5 km west of the neighboring village Gurgulyat and 8 km north of the town of Breznik. The capital Sofia is 46 km southeast. 

Rakita is small settlement located in mountain region and its altitude is about 871 m. The climate is temperate and is influenced by the mountain relief and is characterized by severe winter and cool summer.

There are constructed water and electricity systems and the streets are partially asphalted. The mobile operators have coverage.

The permanent population is about 35 people.

Here are functioning town hall and store. The nearest medical center as well as schools and kindergartens are in the town of Breznik.

The name of the village is Slavic and was mentioned by Byzantium authors and others, too in diplomas, documents of Bulgarian tsars and Serbian kings between XI and XIV centuries. It is possible to name of the village to be derived from the name of a small willow in Bulgarian - rakita.

Near the neighboring village of Gurgulyat the river flows in proximity and has formed beautiful gorge with vertical rocks and it is about 60 m long. There rises Petluchki kamak peak and at this place Petluka fortress from which are preserved only defence walls.
South of the peak is situated Petluka cave and it has one accessible gallery.

Above the village in Tsarkvishte was constructedimpressive monument, the Pantheon in memory of the fallen in the battle for Gurgulyat. The pantheon is made of red concrete measuring approximately 700 square meters and a height of 20 meters. In its center is a statue of a woman symbolizing Mother Bulgaria, grieving for her lost children.

Beautiful natural landmark is the cold mineral spring "zhelyazna voda" in Bardoto area near Breznik. The mineral spring attracts healthy and sick people from the ancient past for its healing characteristics which are due to the rich mineral chemical compounds and valuable physico-chemical and and physiological characteristics.

Another interesting landmark is Aldomirovskoto marsh (18 km north) in which grows snowflake. It is protected territory in which are seen many rare plant species and waterbirds. The area is 129,40 hca.


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