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village of Radovec

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Radovets is a village in Southern Bulgaria, Topolovgrad municipality, Haskovo region.

The village is located 21 km northwest of Topolovgrad, 26 km southwest of Elhovo, 31 km southwest of Svilengrad and about 77 km west of the regional town of Haskovo. The distance to the Bulgarian-Turkish frontier Kapitan Andreevo is 50 km.

The population is about 700 people.

The terrain is mixed - hilly and lowland. The altitude is about 240 meters. Climate is with mild winters, hot and dry spring and hot summer. The average January temperature is around 0 º C average temperature - about 23 º C.

The village has a city hall, a dentist, a border police-station, a post office, a church, a shop, a kindergarten, a primary school "Hristo Botev", a library and a community center "Vasil Levski". The closest medical office is only 9 km away in the neighboring village of Ustrem.

The infrastructure is well developed - the roads are asphalted, bus lines connects Radovets with the neighboring villages and towns.

In the region traditionally is developed the agriculture. Cultivation of tobacco, farming and viticulture are the main livelihood of the population. Red wines - mavrud, Algerian, Othell and other traditional varieties, typical of this region are known worldwide.


At about 10 km from Radovets, is the monastery "Sveta Troitsa" /Holy Trinity/, which is an active woman nunnery. It was founded during the Second Bulgarian Kingdom.

The gorge of  Tunja river (commonly known by the name Darkaia) is a picturesque, protected area, which is located on the lands of  Radovets and the neighboring village of Lesovo and covers an area of ​​7,850 hectares. The unique biodiversity for which the area was declared protected, includes over 150 species of birds, amphibians, reptiles and other rare and protected plant and animal species.

Nearby is the Roman fortress Bukelon, one of the best preserved military buildings in Bulgaria, which served as the frontline of the town of Adrianople (Edirne). Relatively preserved is the 12th century tower, whose height is about 18 meters and reveals a unique view of the area.

The annual festival of the village is celebrated on 2nd of June - the Day of Hristo Botev. The local school bears his name as well.


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