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village or Radievo

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Radievo is a village in southern Bulgaria and it is a part of Dimitrovgrad municipality, Haskovo region.

It is situated 7 km north of Dimitrovgrad, 15 km southeast of Merichleri, 22 km northeast of Haskovo and 90 km east of Plovdiv. The village appears to be a municipal boundary - to the north it borders with the village of Beli Izvor, Stara Zagora region, to the west with village of Bryast and to the east with Golyamo and Malko Asenovo villages.

This is the largest village of Dimitrovgrad Municipality with a population of 1050 people.

The climate of the region is transitional-continental to Mediterranean, characterized by mild winters and short, dry, hot summers and insufficient annual rainfall. 

The village is very well developed. Unlike most villages in Bulgaria, Radievo can boast of many young people who are both living and working in the village. In Radievo has a post office, a church St. Archangel Michail, a workshop for the production of linen, a pastry shop, several stores, a motel-restaurantl, a restaurant, a café, restaurant and shops.

Regular bus transport to the neighboring villages and larger towns.

In Radievo there is a health service whose building has been recently renovated, with two GPs and dentists. Emergency medical assistance can be received in the hospital in Dimitrovgrad.

The village has a primary school "Hristo Smirnenski" which teaches children from five neighboring villages: Golyamo Asenovo, Malko Asenovo, Bryast, Zdravets and Stransko. Secondary schools, kindergartens and other cultural institutions can be found in the municipal town of Dimitrovgrad.

The community center "Sabujdane - 1927" has a computer center and library included in the program "Global libraries". There are nine permanent formations: Men's folklore group, Female folk group, Authentic folklore group, Mixed folk group, group for old songs "Tender Memories", group for folk customs, Instrumental Group, Break-formation and Drama composition. The participants in all these groups are involved in many local, municipal, regional, national and international festivals.

On the lands of the village was built also a photovoltaic plant, which produces "solar power". It is built on the site of the former Mine. In the past in it worked almost the entire population, men and women. Thus continues the tradition of energy production within the village.

Recently was opened a memorial of the Bulgarians from Belomorska Thrakia. On the monument of the Bulgarian immigrants, are listed the names of some of the first founders of Radievo.

The village celebrates its annual holiday fair on 8th of November, St. Archangel Michael.


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