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village of Prodanovtsi

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Prodanovtsi is a village in west Bulgaria. It is situated in Samokov municipality, Sofia region.

In Bulgaria there are two other settlements located in Veliko Tarnovo, Veliko Tarnovo region and in Gabrovo municipality, Gabrovo region.

It is 4 km west of the town of Samokov and 4 km southeast of the neighboring village of Rayovo. The capital Sofia is 61 km northeast.

It is located between the mountains Rila, Verila, Vitosha and Plana, and its altitude is about 960 m. The climate is temperate and is characterized by cool summer and long winter. The air is fresh and the nature is preserved.

The permanent population is about 504 people.

Regular bus transportation connects it to the town of Samokov and the neighboring settlements.

The village is well maintained and with good infrastructure. The main streets are asphalted and with lighting, there are water and electricity and systems. All mobile operators have coverage.
Here are functioning town hall, stores and restaurant. The nearest school and kindergarten are in the municipality. There you can also get medical assistance.

The name of the village is derived from that of the boyar Prodan. That later became known as Chakar voivoda and this nickname was given to him for the color of his eyes and for his thick black eyebrows. He was rebel and fought against the Ottoman rule and the corvee. The village of Prodantsi is also known as the Small Samokov.

In it is located one the most famous mounds in Bulgaria and above the village there is beautiful Orthodox chapel.

The location of the village is very good as thanks to its beautiful nature and fresh air there are preconditions for the development of the modern cultural and historical tourism and also the SPA, eco and mountain tourism.
One of the largest and preferred Bulgarian ski resorts Borovets is just 13 km southeast. There the conditions for relaxation and practicing of winter sports are very good.

The same is the distance but in northwest direction where is the village of Belchin. At its center there is swimming pool with mineral water. Another attraction is the fun complex Belchin park. It is with large mineral pool, two small swimming pools for children, playground, volleyball and basketball playgrounds, snack bar.

Just 20 km north is Iskar dam. The largest dam according to the amount of water in it. Here can be hunt different kinds of fish roach, perch, bream, perch, bream, chub (maple), catfish, bleak, rudd and carp. Excellent are the conditions for water sports and relaxation in the nature.

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