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village of Prekraste

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Prekraste is a village in West Bulgaria. It is located in Dragoman municipality, Sofia region.

It is 9 km north of the town of Dragoman, 4 km in the same direction from the neighboring village of Letnitsa and 4 km southeast of the village of Kalenovtsi. The capital Sofia is 51 km southeast.

It is located in mountain region and its altitude is about 817 m. The climate is temperate. The summer is hot, while the winter is cold, the fall comes earlier than in the other parts of the country.

The permanent population is about 81 people.

Regular bus transportation connects it to the municipality there is route taxi on the line Sofia - Godech. The main streets are with lighting and with asphalt. The mobile operators have coverage. There are also constructed water and electricity systems.

Here is functioning store for all goods. The nearest medical center as well as schools and kindergartens are on the territory of the municipality. Here are working stores and restaurants. Specialized hospitals you will find in the capital.

Tourism and landmarks

The Dragoman marsh is the only marsh in Bulgaria with karst origin which makes very significant according to its natural importance. Situated in a large valley surrounded by limestone hills, an area of 400 hectares.
It was declared a nature reserve, part of the ornithological importance of place - Rayanovski wet meadows.
Swamp is located in the path of migrating birds Via Aristotelis, they stop here in the rich marsh vegetation to relax before you fly again.

The natural formation Kotlite is located near the village of Kalenovtse. It is picturesque waterfall, where the water is flowing from a karst-like dish (cauldron) in the second and then the river continues to flow. In the vicinity of 60 meters at the top of the rock, is situated the eponymous cave Dracula. It is dry, not leveled with length 42 m wide entrance and with a high arch. Inside the cave there is a high main gallery and the floor is covered with dirt and small pieces of mud. The cave ends in a chimney through which water flows in the rain.

The tourists can take advantage and to go and visit Razboishki monastery "Vavedenie Bogorodichno" that is hidden in the rocks formed in the defile of Nishava river and is about 12 km northwest.

To the village of Berende is located Temnata dupka cave - it is very interesting natural landmark. It is about 425 m long and there are different kinds of cave formations - stalactites, stalagmites, partitions, lakes and small baths, cave pearls, stone lillies and other formations.


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