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village of Potop

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Potop is a village in West Bulgaria. It is situated in Elin Pelin municipality, Sofia region.

It is about 5 km east of the village of Eleshnitsa, 15 km south east of the town of Buhovo and 13 km northeast of the town of Elin Pelin. The capital Sofia is 35 km in west direction.

It is situated in mountain area and its altitude is about 827 m. The climate is temperate and is characterized by considerably dry and warm summer and cold winter.

Near it passes Hemus high way and bus transportation connects it to the neighboring settlements. It is with electricity and water systems. All mobile operators have coverage. 

The permanent population is about 27 people.

Here are working town hall and store for all goods. The nearest schools and kindergartens you can find in the municipality. In the capital Sofia are working specialized hospitals.

In the Stubel area of the village is situated a spring that the locals claim is with healing powers. Also there is a legend for a large rock that Krali Marko himself has pulled down the mountain.

In proximity to the village is situated Zherkovo and there is monument of Chavdar unit and small museum.

Through Potop passes small river that in the past was with very high water and from there is derived the name of the settlement.

Interesting cultural landmark is located near the village of Eleshnitsa and this is Eleshnishki monastery in which church "St Bogoroditsa" are preserved very valuable frescoes from the XVI and XIX c. It is was recently renovated.

The traditions preserved by the local people are shown during the annual festival Shopski praznik organized in the town of Elin Pelin from 1970 and in this time there are traditional costumes, songs, dancing and many jokes.

In the area many people are looking to find properties. The reason is that the climate here is very favorable, the infrastructure is well developed and the capital Sofia is also near it.

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