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village of Ponor

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Ponor is a village in West Bulgaria. It is situated in Kostinbrod municipality, Sofia region.

It is 9 km west from the village of Dramsha, 13 km northwest of the village of Gradets, 17 km in the same direction from the town of Kostinbrod and 20 km southeast from the town of Godech. The capital Sofia is 32 km again in this direction.

It is situated in mountain region and its altitude is 892 m. The climate is temperate and is characterized with hot summer and cold winter. The amount of precipitation is little.

The permanent population is about 14 people.

The infrastructure is very well maintained. The main streets are asphalted and with lightning. All mobile operators have coverage. There are constructed water and electricity systems.

The nearest schools, as well as medical assistance you can get on the territory of the municipality.

Under the village there is "maze" of caves that connects the villages Ponor, Chibaovtsi and Dramsha. They attract tourists speologists. The famous are Dushnika, Mechata dupka, Izviraloto etc.
Dushnika cave is one of the most interesting in Ponor mountain from its end are reachable the caverns of the whole mountain and its large underground water system.

The Ponor monastery "St George" is located about a kilometer from the center of the village. The monastery is hard to find and better ask for directionsa local resident. At the moment you can only see the remains of it. No one knows the exact date of its foundation, but before here there was a school that existed until the beginning of XX century, then worked up and the church. Vasil Levski found shelter here.
The monastery church is one apse and one nave with narthex while the north wall is supported by two counters and the southern by one. The construction is of stone blocks bonded with mortar. The coating was arched.

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