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Village of Polsko Kosovo

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Polsko Kosovo is a village in Northern Bulgaria. It is part of Byala Municipality, Ruse Region.

It is 66 km south-west from the centre of Ruse, 13 km in the same direction from town of Byala, 49 km south-east from town of Svishtov, 212 km north-west from town of Varna and 252 km north-east from city of Sofia.

Regular bus and railway transportation serves the village.

It is located in the middle part of the Danube plain, on 49 m above the sea level. In close proximity to Yantra River. The climate characterizes with warm summer and cold winter.

The population is approximately 1710 people.

Polsko Kosovo is a big and well-developed village. It is provided with electricity, water supply and communication equipment. Sewerage system is envisaged. There is a town-hall, a post office, 'St St Cyril and Methodius' elementary school, 'Radost' kindergarten, 'Razvitie' community centre, 'St St Konstantin and Elena' orthodox church, a stadium and health services. There are shops, cafes and other commercial areas.

Agriculture is well-developed, and especially grain production (sun-flower, corn and barley).

Landmarks and tourism

'Razvitie' community centre is very active in the people's life. There are groups for authentic folklore and old town songs; pensioner's club, dancing group, reading club and library.

'St St Konstantin and Elena' orthodox church is a monument of culture. It was built in the year of 1854.

Town of Polski Trambesh is only 6 km away. It is famous with its healing mineral baths. You can visit the Historical Museum in the town as well.

Yantra River is very suitable for fishing and kayaking as well. The part suitable for kayaking starts from town of Byala and ends in the moth of Danube River. Place of interest is the Bridge of Byala at Yantra River. There is a big monument of its constructor Kolyo Fitcheto (famous Bulgarian revival constructor, architect and sculptor).

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