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Village of Polenitsa

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Polenitsa is a village in South-western Bulgaria. It is part of Sandanski Municipality, Blagoevgrad region.

It is 66 km south from town of Blagoevgrad, about 2 km east from the centre of Sandanski, 72 km west from town of Gotse Delchev and 25 km north from the customs checkpoint at village of Kulata.

The village is only 2 km away from the railway station at town of Sandanski and the main road E-79 (Vidin-Sofia-Kulata-Thesalloniki).

The population is approximately 1170 people.

Polenitsa spreads out mountainous region, at the foot of Pirin Mountain. It is in close proximity to the river valley of Sandanska Bistritsa. The sea altitude is 345 m.

The settlement is next to the warmest Bulgarian town in all seasons - Sandanski. The sun shining here is the longest in the country - more than 2450 hours. Mild winter and hot summer.

Polenitsa is preferred place for living and investment. The settlement is constructed with new, luxurious single-family houses, residential and hotel complexes meeting guests round-the-year. The place is famous with its mineral springs and amazing panoramic views of the surroundings. Here is located the former botanical garden of Sandanski.

There is a town-hall, a primary school, a community centre, a doctor and trade areas.


Polenitsa has turned into a resort settlement due to its proximity to Sandanski SPA resort, its mineral springs and its splendid panoramic views. The place is constructed with hotel SPA complexes offering comfort and excellent conditions for recreation of its guests.

Town of Sandanski is famous national and international balneological resort for healing non-specific chronic pulmonary diseases. The town is visited by tourists from Western Europe and the Scandinavian countries. Sandanski is proud of its unique town park. It occupies territory of 344 000 sq. m with more than 200 Mediterranean plant species.

Just 20 km away from the village could be visited the smallest town in Bulgaria - Melnik. It is famous with its sand Melnik pyramids and nice wine cellars. Only 5 km away from the town is set Rozhen Monastery - the biggest monastery in Pirin Mountain.

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