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village of Podgorie

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Podgorie is a village in West Bulgaria. It is situated in Kostenets municipality, Sofia region.

It is 13 km northwest of the town of Kostenets, 30 km northeast of the town of Samokov and 7 km northwest of the village of Pchelin. The capital Sofia is 85 km northeast.

It is located in mountain area in the Ihtiman part of Sredna gora mountain and its altitude is about 751 m. The climate is characterized with hot summer and cold winter. The fall is sunnier and warmer than the spring. The amount of precipitation and the clouds is average and there are not many foggy days.

The permanent population is about 38 people.

There is asphalt road to it, there are water and electricity systems. The mobile operators have coverage. Bus transportation connects it to the municipality.
The chapel "St Iliya" in the village was constructed in 1924. The church is with spacious yard and sheds and table, every year on its holiday there is gathering.

In the neighboring village of Pchelin there are great opportunities for tourism as there are swimming pools with healing mineral water.

For the tourist are intersting the lake of Vili Kostenets that together with the additionally constructed swimming pools and this gives options for fishing and relaxation. On the shore of the lake there is working restaurant.
There is located Kostenski waterfall that the poet and writer Ivan Vazov in 1917 described in "What tha mountain sings" and "Kostenets - notes on the road". The waterfall is in the center of the resort and and it is starting point of all routes in the area. The water falls from height of about 10 m.

Orthodox temple with historical, cultural and art value is "Vsi Svetii" church in the neighboring village of Ochusha, where are preserved icons from the XIX century. 
Only two kilometers away is Ochushkiyat monastery that was constructed in XIX century and rebuilt in 1923. The monastery is complex of one nave and one apse church and residential building. The yard of the monastery is landscaped and suitable for picnic in the nature.

The beautiful nature and peaceful atmosphere make good environment for the development of cultural and village tourism.

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