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village of Pobeda

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Pobeda is a village in North Bulgaria. It is situated in Dolna Mitrpoliya, Pleven region

In Bulgaria there are two other settlements with the same name - in Dobrich municipality, Dobrich region and in Tundzha municipality, Yambol region

It is 5 km northeast of the town of Dolna Mitropoliya, 7 km east of the town of Trastenik and 15 km northwest of the town of Pleven. The neighboring villages of Bivolare and Podem are respectively 4 km southeast and 7 km northeast, the capital Sofia is 165 km southwest. 

Pobeda is located in the Danubian plain on the left bank of Vit river and its altitude is between 50 and 99 m. The climate is temperate and is characterized by hot summer and cold winter. 

The permanent population is about 584 people. 

The streets are asphalted and there is lighting. There are constructed water and electricity systems as well as phone system. The mobile operators have coverage. Bus transportation connects it to the other settlements. 

Here are functioning town hall, primary school, store and restaurant. One GP takes care for the health of the local people, dentist works in the village of Bivolare and the nearest hospital is in the town of Dolna Mitropoliya where there are also working high schools. 
People are occupied mainly in farming grains growing and vegetables. 

Tourism and landmarks

In the village of Pobeda there is stud farm and are bred horses from the pure English, Danube and Pleven breeds. 

Interesting is Koridorite lake which is located near the village of Bivolare and is nesting place for many birds is proclaimed protected area in 2008.

In the area there are three dams Bozhuritsa, Dolna Mitropoliya and Valchovets. The first two offer great conditions for fishing and the third is place for rowing for there is constructed base. 

In Dolna Mitropoliya often are organized super moto races.

In the town of Pleven you can visit three of the 100 Tourist Sites of Bulgaria - Pleven Epopee 1877, the Regional History museum and the mausoleum-chapel "St George Pobedonosets". Other interesting places in proximity are Kaylaka park and the Wine Museum. 


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