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Village of Pisanets

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Pisanets is a village in the Central part of Northern Bulgaria. It is part of Vetovo Municipality, Ruse Region.

It is 25 km south-east of Ruse, 9 km south-west of Vetovo, 37 km north-west of Razgrad, 165 km in the same direction of Varna and 321 km north-east of Sofia.

Regular bus transportation serves the village: Vetovo - Pisanets - Buzun - Ruse.

The village spreads out the Danube plain in Rusenski Lom Natural Park. It is situated in Beli Lom river valley, at 127 m above the sea level.

The climate is humid continental and characterizes with cold winter and hot summer.

The population is approximately 390 people.

Pisanets is a well-developed village. It is provided with electricity, water and communication equipment. There is a town-hall, a community centre with a library, a post office, a police inspector on duty, a church, a motor-cycle track, commercial areas, a hotel and several guest houses.

Education centres and medical care are available in the municipal centre - Vetovo (9 km away).

Landmarks and tourism

Pisanets Bridge is located on the road Ruse - Varna, above Beli Lom River. It is one of the highest bridges on the Balkan Peninsula. Bungee jumping is regularly organized here.

As part of Rusenski Lom Natural Park the area is excellent for eco and rural tourism. There are zones with rich variety of species, beautiful river terraces, rock shapes and caves. Many eco-paths go through unique cultural-historical sites. The paths are well-marked and give the right directions.

The area has many forests, lakes and breeding ponds offering excellent conditions for hunting and fishing. There is one breeding pond in the settlement of the village as well. Batakliyata reserve organizes game hunting all-year-round.

The cultural-historical sites which could be visited are: Ivanovo rock churches, the rock monastery of St Dimitar Basarbovski, the medieval town of Cherven and Orlova chuka cave.

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