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village of Petrich

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Petrich is a village in West Bulgaria. It is situated in Zlatitsa municipality, Sofia region.

In Bulgaria theree is one other settlement that is with the same name this is the town of Petrich, Blagoevgrad region.

It is 28 km southwest of the town of Zlatitsa, 31 km northwest of the town of Panagyurishte and 65 km east of the capital Sofia. The villages of Chavdar and Mirkovo are respectively 18 km north and 12 km in the same direction from it.

It is situated in proximity to the flow of Topolnitsa river, at the foot of Ihtiman Sredna gora and its altitude is about 572 m. In comparison with the other hollows behind the Balkan the Zlatishko-Pirdopskata hollow is characterized by low temperatures. The winter is cold and the summer is cool. The region is characterized also with frosts in the fall.

The permanent population is about 249 people.

The village is considerably well maintained. The infrastructure is well-developed - the streets are asphalted and with lighting. There are constructed water and electricity systems. The mobile operators have coverage. Regular bus transportation connects it to the other settlements.

Here are functioning town hall, community center with library, stores and coffee shop. In the village of Mirkovo there is school and kindergarten. The nearest medical center is in the town of Zlatitsa while specialized hospitals you will find on the territory of the capital.

Through the village passes the river Topolnitsa and in it flow other small rivers with local significance - Mirkovska, Smolska, Kamenishka and Dola. There is suggestion that this is from where the name of the village.

Tourism and landmarks

In the village there is Orthodox church "St George".

The local people have preserved alive the Bulgarian traditions and they celebrate the big occasions. On Lazarov den the young ladies go around the village. On Yordanov den is thrown cross in the river. During the fests that mark to anniversary of the April rebel there are festive fireworks. There are also organized fairs in the fall and the spring.
One of the annually organized celebrations is the horse race on Todorov day when local people and visitors gather from all over Bulgaria to celebrate the holiday.

There was constructed monument Kambanata in honor of the fallen during the April rebellion. There also is monument of the falled during the War 1944-1945, and monument of the fallen Russian soldiers.

Intersting natural landmark is the Mechata dupka cave.

In the area around the village there are wonderful places for relaxation, routes and trails for the people that enjoy biking.


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