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the village of Pchelinovo

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Pchelinovo is a village in Cental Bulgaria. It is located in Gurkovo municipality, Stara Zagora region.

The village of Pchelinovo is situated 9 km northwest of the municipal center Gurkovo and 32 km north of the regional center Stara Zagora. It is close to important economic and administrative centers such as Kazanlak (28 km west), Nova Zagora (36 km southeast), Veliko Tarnovo (41 km north) and Sliven (50 km east). 196 km is the distance between the village and the capital Sofia.

It is located in the most northeast part of Stara Zagora region, locked between two mountains - Stara planina (Balkan mountain) and Sredna gora, at the east part of the Rose Valley. Situated in a mountain area along the Pass of the Republic (Hainboaz).

Major transport highways are passing near the village - the Pass of the Republic connecting North and South Bulgaria and the major road Sofia - Burgas parallel with the sub-Balkan railway line in the same direction.

The village has an altitude of 300 m. The climate is transcontinental as the mountain location of the village also has an impact on the climate. Winters are relatively mild and summers are cool.
The permanent population is around 53 residents.

Radovo river passes through the village and the houses are located along it, divided into several neighborhoods. According unofficial information Pchelinovo is the longest village in Bulgaria.

The closest schools and kindergartens are located in the municipal center - the town of Gurkovo. It is also the place where the closest health institution can be found. 


The proximity of major transport highways influences the economic status of Pchelinovo. In recent years, especially after the reconstruction of the road, modern shopping facilities, gas stations, hotels, models, restaurants and others have occurred.


  • The village of Pchelinovo is located very close to the Rose Valley of Bulgaria which is a popular tourist destination. Kazanlak's oil rose widespread in the region is well-known for its qualities.
  • "Odzhryan" cave - 47 m length and 17 m displacement.
  • "Botura" cave - 56 m length and 5 m displacement.
  • The house memorial of the brigade movement, symbol of heroism and sacrifice of thousands of young people - builders of Hainboaz.

There are guest houses, hotels and motels in the village of Pchelinovo where visitors can stay.


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