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village of Ostrokaptsi

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Ostrokaptsi is a village in northwestern Bulgaria, part of Dimovo municipality, Vidin region.

It is situated 4 km southwest of Dimovo, 37 km from Vidin in the same direction and approximately 174 km northwest of Sofia.

The terrain is hilly and the altitude is about 183 m. Climate is temperate continental with relatively cold winters and hot summers.

The village has electricity and water. There is mobile coverage and bus transportation to the municipality center and the surrounding villages.

In Ostrokaptsi live about 70 people.

The village has a Mayor viceroyalty and a shop. The nearest kindergarten, primary and middle schools and health facilities are located in Dimovo.

Landmarks and tourism

Ostrokaptski lies in a small valley along the river Archar, on an old Roman road. According to the locals the name of the village comes from the fact that men wore sharp hats (kalpatsi / caps).

At about 10 km northwest is located the Rabisha lake, which is the largest inland lake in the country and a great place for camping, fishing and water sports.

In the region you can also visit:

Magura cave, located about 9 km north-west. The cave is one of the most beautiful in the country, a part of the Hundred national tourist sites. It was carved from a river. It occupies over 30 000 sq m of area and the total length of the galleries found so far is about 2500 m.

Belogradchik Rocks - one of the most famous rock formations in Bulgaria, also part of the Hundred national tourist sites. The rocks are located 21 km southeast of Ostrokaptsi.

Rakovitsa monastery Sveta Troitsa /Holy Trinity/, which is located 29 km to the northwest. Founded in 10-11 century, after the fall of Bulgaria under Ottoman rule the monastery declined. It was restored in the 17th century by St. Pimen of Sofia, but in the late 18th century, was destroyed. Currently it is restored and operating.

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