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village of Oreshak

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Stara Plania mountain is situated in the middle of the territory of Bulgaria. Its long ridge is located from West border of Bulgaria to the Black sea to the East. That's why the mountains is called alse "the backbone" of the country. Highest peak is Botev peak (2376 meters above sea level, a.s.l.) and it is almost in geographical center of Bulgaria. One can see more than half of territory of the country. Another significant peaks in this mountain are Zhultec, Goljam Kupen (2169m a.s.l.) Ambarica, Vezen (2198 m a.s.l). In the very west on the ridge are Kom (2016m a.s.l), Midzhur. Many beautifull waterfalls are nearby Botev peak - (Rajsko pruskalo, Vidimsko pruskalo, Dzhendemsko pruskalo).
The region offers a mild climate, clear mountain air, warm mineral springs and varied scenery: in short, all you need for a healthy and active holiday. Central part of Stara planina Mountain is rich in natural resources. Among them are Central Balkan National Park and the Nature Park Bulgarka with dozens of mapped-out hiking routes.
Villlage of Oreshak is located on 2 km away South-East to town of Troyan. The village nestles at the foot of central Stara planina mountain at 750 m above sea-level. There is Cherni Lom river passing through its territory.


Uspenie Bogorodichno monastery which is amongst the biggest ones in Bulgaria, is famous for the wonder-working icons of St. Bogoroditsa Troerichitsa. It is constructed in XVII century and has become a cultural and a literary central and nowadays benefits of a highly valuable library.
The National Exhibition of the authentic folklore arts and crafts is an unique event in the country with total quare surface of the premises up to 4500 sq.m separated in 9 halls.


In village of Oreshak there is a good number of hotels and restaurants outstanding with the high-quality services and facilities offered. The region including Oreshak is ecological and very clean.
The place is very suitable for hunting and fishing, mountaineering and biking. Museums, exhibitions, churches, monasteries and the other sights of interest give a full idea of the region's cultural and historical heritage, its traditional arts and folklore.

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