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village of Orehovitsa

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Orehovitsa is a village in North Bulgaria. It is situated in Dolna Mitropoliya, Pleven region

It is 18 km north-west of the town of Dolna Mitropoliya, 31 km in the same direction from Pleven, 11 km from the town of Trastenik and 180 km north-east of the capital Sofia.

Bus transportation connects it to the other settlements. The village is well maintained - there are constructed electricity and water systems.

The village is located on the right shore of Iskar river in the central part of the Danube Plain and its altitude is 116 m. The climate in the area is temperate and is characterized by cold winter and hot summer. The amount of precipitation is little. 

The permanent population is about 1468 people.

Here are functioning town hall, post office, church, community center, school, kindergarten, shops and restaurants. There are also is stadium and football club. Two GPs take care of the people. The nearest of the medical center is Dolna Mitropoliya. Specialized medical help you can get in the hospitals on the territory of Pleven.

Tourism and landmarks

The church "St Simeon Stulpnik" is constructed in 1896 and is declared cultural monument. In the village there are three spring water fountains.

In Orehovitsa is gathered museum collection with only the help of the locals which also supported the construction of building for the museum which would be the only museum not only in the village but in the whole municipality.

Natural land marks are the areas "Lagera", "Oresha" and "Parka" near the village. Where could also be seen the remains from ancient settlement, fortress and water system.

The proximity to Iskar river offers excellent conditions for fishing and excursions in the nature.

Near the village of Gigen about 15 km away is situated the ancient village Oescus. There the tourist can see the intriguing remains from Roman and Byzantium cities.

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