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village of Ochindol

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Ochindol is a village in Northwestern Bulgaria. It is situated in Mezdra municipality, Vratza District.

The village is located in a mountain region, near the Iskar Gorge, about 35 km northwest of Mezdra town, 50 km in the same direction of Vratsa and approximately 72 km north of Sofia city.

The average altitude of the village is 542 meters. The climate is temperate, characterized by mild winters and cool summers.

Infrastructure is relatively well settled by established electrical and water systems, partially paved streets and street lighting. There are mobile coverage and bus transportation to Mezdra and the villages of Eliseina /8 km south/ and Zverino /14 km southeast/.

Ochindol and the adjoining Rekata neighbourhood have about 150 inhabitants, which disposal are a city hall and a shop. In the neighboring village Eliseina is the nearest primary school. There are a kindergarten, a secondary school, GPs and dentists in Zverino village.

Special assistance may be obtained in any of the medical centers in Mezdra.


Landmarks and tourism

The village was originally located about a kilometer west, in Mirovo settlement area. Legends tell of a plague or a huge landslide that led to his relocation to the current place.

Ochindol celebrates its festival on 6th of December. Very popular and cherished by local people are the vows that are associated with ancient traditions and sacred rituals marked by certain votive seats on the highest spot in the area. Usually each location is marked with travertine stone on which the name of the saint and the beginning of the vow are carved. At this place in the day of the vow people light candles and pray to the saint for health and protection from natural disasters. And to this day are reserved the rituals in the areas of Presvetitsa, Padesh and Schumann.

The small picturesque village Ochindol offers great opportunities for eco-tourism. In 2005 in its surroundings was discovered the monument of Ivan Vazov's  character Dyado Yotso /Grandfather Yotso/. It is part of "Dyado Yotso" ethnographic complex  that launch several eco paths.

In the region you can also visit:

Lakatnishki rocks are declared a protected area and located on the left slope of the Iskar Gorge in the Balkan Mountains, above the village of Gara Lakatnik, 15 km southwest of Ochindol. They represent a rock cliff with a height of 250 m. Into the limestone layers were formed over 100 chasms and caves, the longest of which is Temnata dupka /the Dark Hole/, declared a natural landmark.

Skaklya waterfall is situated on the eponymous river flowing near Gara Bov village, 22 km southwest. This is one of the highest waterfalls in Bulgaria. It descends from 130 m height and impresses with its three cascading jump. In the winter the wild waters freeze and Skaklya became a favorite spot for ice climbing.

The Osenovlashki monastery "Seven Thrones" is located 19 km south of Ochindol, in the valley of Gabrovnitsa river in Stara Planina mountain. The monastery is among the 100 national tourist sites.

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