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Obidim village

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Obidim is village in south-western Bulgaria, Blagoevgrad region, municipality of Bansko.

It is located 30 km southeast of Bansko, 22 km away of Dobrinishte and 85 km away of the district center Blagoevgrad.
The population is 139 people (to 2008), the altitude is about 1200 meters above sea level. Land of the village covers 64.962 area, most of which are located in northern part of Pirin and the Rhodope Mountains. The summer is brief and fresh, and the winter is snowy, mild, and continuous. Southeast of the village of Obidim, back 9 km. Mesta village is located. For villages Obidim, Kremen, Philippi, Osenovo, Gostun, village Mesta are central to approve the settlement. Here is the central mail with the school board children from neighboring villages, regional hospital, veterinary hospital and along the valley of the River Retizhe is the administrative building of state forest Forestry - Mesta.


Tourism and Landmarks

In the land of the village has a total of 13 churches, chapels, iconostasis and a monastery.

Church of Saint Nicholas Chudotvorets was built in 1842 and lit in 1843. High in Pirin village in the area of abuse is rock formation "Тrivet". She was huddled among spruces the left bank of the river Retizhe. On three granite stones with a high around 60 sm almost horizontally as a huge hemispherical lid get rock block with a diameter of about 2 m area between the legs of the "trivet" is free and it stands almost in the air. Own feet are also uphold Granite rock. Bezbog hut is located in the old area of abuse, at the foot of the peak Bezbog end Bezbog lake of 2236 meters above sea level. Nearest hut Gotse Delchev of 1412 meters above sea level. (1.3 hours) It leads to a black time.
Antiquity and medieval castle The tower of the girl is located in the Pirin part of the river valley locations in the area of the village of Kremen, the 25 km southeast of Bansko. The fortress is archaeological monument of national significance. Located in one of the most narrow and picturesque sections of gorge with same name, south of the village areas. The fortress occupies an area of 500 sq.m. W

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