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village of Novo selo

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Novo selo is a village in West Bulgaria. It is situated in Samokov municipality, Sofia region

In Bulgaria there are another seven settlements that are with the same name in Veliko Tarnovo municipality, Veliko Tarnovo region, in Novo selo municipality, Vidin region, Ruse municipality, Ruse region, in Kyustendil municipality, Kyustendil region, in Stamboliiski municipality, Plovdiv region, in Stara Zagora municipality, Stara Zagora region and Novo selo quarter, Sliven region.

It is 12 km northeast of the town of Samokov and 74 km southeast of the capital Sofia.

It is located in mountain region on the slopes of Shumnatitsa hill and its altitude is about 900 m. Here flows the small river of Shipochanitsa. The climate is temperate and is characterized with cold winter and hot summer. 

The permanent population is about 99 people.

Novo selo is considerably well maintained - the main streets are asphalted and with lighting. All mobile operators have coverage. There are constructed water and electricity systems.

Here are functioning town hall, community center, store and coffee shop. There is constructed recently Orthodox church "St st Peter and Paul". The nearest medical center is in the town of Samokov where are working also kindergarten and school.

Tourism and landmarks

There are perfect conditions for fishing on Iskar dam where you can catch different kinds of fish as roach, perch, bream, perch, bream, chub (maple), catfish, bleak, rudd and carp. The conditions for practicing of water sports are also good.

The largest and most preferred ski resort and winter tourist destination is Borovets is located just 22 km south. For the people that enjoy the nature it is favorite place and starting point for many tourist routes and options for excursions in Rila mountain.

Other interesting objects in proximity are:

  • Musala peak - the highest peak in Bulgaria - 2925 m. It is in the list of the 100 Tourist Sites of Bulgaria and is located in Rila mountain in proximity to Borovets.
  • The Seven Rila Lakes - they are situated in the North-west part of Rila and their altitude is about 2100 - 2500 m. This is the largest, the most picturesque and visited group of lakes with glacial origin in Bulgaria. There are located on terraces on the slopes of the mountain and are connected with each other with small springs.
  • Tsarska Bistritsa palace was constructed at the end of the IX century and the beginning of XX century. Ferdinand I and Boris III have used the palace for residence. When you visit it you can't help but notice its traditional Bulgarian Renaissance style.


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