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village of Novo bardo

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Novo bardo is a village in West Bulgaria. It is situated in Dragoman municipality, Sofia region.

It is 15 km northeast of the town of Dragoman and 5 km southwest of the village of Kalotina. The capital Sofia is 57 km southeast.

It is situated in mountain region and its altitude is about 779 m. The climate is temperate and is characterized by hot summer and cool winter. The amount of precipitation is little.

The main road artery is the international road E-80 from Belgrad through Sofia to Istanbul.

The permanent population is about 23 people.

The medical care is taken by the GPs in the town of Dragoman. The specialized hospitals are on the territory of the capital. In the municipality are working also schools and kindergartens.

Tourism and landmarks

Kalotina dam is situated at the end of the the eponymous village near the border with Serbia. The place offers good opportunities for the fishing of catfish, carp and maple.

For the tourists interesting are the architectural and the historical landmarks such as Razboishki monastery, Cheparlyanksi monastery etc.

The Dragoman swamp is the only in Bulgaria with karst origin that makes very important when it comes to its natural significance.
It is situated in large hollow that is surrounded by height of lime stone and their area is about 400 hectares.
The place is declared for natural reserve and it is part of the ornithological place with significance - Rayanovski wet meadows.
The swamp is situated on the road of the birds migration Via Aristotelis and here they rest in the thick and rich swamp greenery so they can fly again after some relaxation.

Temnata dupka cave is situated near Lipintsi village and about half a kilometer away from Bachiishte neighborhood above Berende izvor . It is long about 425 m and in it there are many different cave formations like stalactites, stalagmites, hedges, ponds and baths, cave pearls, stone lilies and other typical formations. It is declared natural landmark.

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