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Village of Nisovo

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Nisovo is a village in the Central part of Northern Bulgaria. It is part of Ivanovo Municipality, Ruse region.

It is 22 km south from town of Ruse, 28 km south-east from village of Ivanovo, 185 km north-west from town of Varna, 114 km north-east from town of Veliko Tarnovo and 312 km in the same direction from city of Sofia.

Its population is approximately 120 people.

Nisovo spreads out at the valley of Beli Lom River in the south-eastern part of the Danube plain, at Rusenski Lom Natural Park. The area characterizes with low, plain and hilly lands.

Summer here is hot and dry, and winter - cold.

The village is well-developed. It is provided with water, electricity, asphalted streets and telephone net. There is a mayor, a community centre, a wine-cellar, hotel complexes and guest houses.

Medical care and education centres are available in the neighbouring village of Shtraklevo (10 km away).

Landmarks and tourism

The village is attractive tourist place visited by Bulgarians and foreigners. It is located in the heart of Rusenski Lom Natural Park, which is a mixture of caves, rock formations, historical monuments and zones with rich flora and fauna species.

One of the tourist places is the rock monastery 'Big Nisovski Monastery 'St St Konstantin and Elena' - the biggest rock monastery in the Park. It is about 7 km south from the village, on the right banks of Mali Lom River. The monastery is accessible by steps hewn into the rocks. It consists of a church and many cells with rectangular shapes and different sizes. Here could be seen the Jewish cave and the century-old elm-tree (about 700 years), dating from the Second Bulgarian Kingdom.

Interesting are the graveyards in the village, popular to the population as Roman. Here were found about 70 huge stone crosses with different images on them - part of them are of the Templars type. More than 30 skeletons, many valuable objects and coins were found as well.

There is a game reserve 'Batakliyata' where the hunting lovers may shoot wild-boar, red deer and roes by a prior request.

The fishing-lovers have several options - the breeding ponds at the villages of Nisovo and Svalenik or the rivers of Beli Lom and Mali Lom.

The area has wonderful routes for walking tourism, bicycle riding, eco-educational paths and places for bird and wild animal surveillance. In process of developing are new routes for extreme bicycle riding, ski running and rock climbing. The meadows are convenient for tent tourism.

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