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Village of Nikolovo

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Nikolovo is a village in the Central part of Northern Bulgaria. It is situated in Ruse Municipality, Ruse Region.

There are two more villages in Bulgaria with the same name - Montana Municipality (Montana Region) and Haskovo Municipality (Haskovo Region).

It is 14 km south-east from the centre in town of Ruse, 110 km south-west from town of Silistra, 193 km north-west from town of Varna and 311 km north-east from city of Sofia.

Regular bus transportation goes to town of Ruse.

The village spreads out the eastern part of the Danube plain, on 60 m above the sea level. The lands are plain and hilly, and the climate - humid continental. Summer is hot and dry, and winter - cold.

Centuries ago on the place of the present village two separate villages existed - Gagalya and Lipnik (nowadays neighbourhoods). In 1955 both villages were merged into one - the present village of Nikolovo, which is named after a popular local partisan - Nicola Popov.

Today the population of the village is approximately 2940 people. It is provided with electricity, water and communication equipment.

There is a town-hall, a post office, an elementary school, a kindergarten, a community centre with a library, two churches, medical and pharmaceutical services, commercial areas and holiday homes. The village is served by Second Police station from town of Ruse.


Nikolovo is preferred place for recreation and tourism at weekends by many citizens of Ruse. Here is 'Lipnik' forest park which occupies forest of about 20 000 dca. There is an artificial lake with water lilies, one alcove, several pedestrian alleys, small zoo park (with bears, goats and birds), a children playground and several cafes and restaurants. The lake is stocked with fish and many fishermen come here. The guests of the park may go boating or water-wheeling. The alleys are convenient for pedestrian and bicycle tourism. There are many holiday homes, villas and the Residency of Todor Zhivkov (the first secretary of the Bulgarian Communist Party) around the park.

In the settlement of the village could be seen the five protected century-old English oaks (about 150 - 300 years old).

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