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village of Mirkovo

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Mirkovo is a village in Western Bulgaria. It is the administrative center of Municipality Mirkovo, Sofia District.

Situated 63 km east of Sofia, 14 km west of Zlatitsa, 50 km southeast of Botevgrad, 130 km northwest of Plovdiv.

The population is about 1700 people.

Mirkovo village is situated at the foot of the Balkan Mountains in western Zlatitsa-Pirdop valley at an altitude of 715 m.
The climate is temperate in the area. Winter is cold, the average temperature for January is -1,7 °C. Summer temperatures are high, average July temperature is 19,8 °C.
The territory of the village is crossed by the small Mirkovska River.
Four dams are built in the municipality - Dams  Radin izvor and Kamenna mogila in Mirkovo village, lake Smolsko in the village  Smolsko and Dam Isin punar in the village Benkovski used mainly for irrigation of agricultural areas.

The village is electrified and with continuously renewing infrastructure. There are water supply, sewerage, electricity supply networks. The streets are paved. Built new houses.
Here is a doctor, school, unified child care, community center, theater, oven, house of culture.
Besides the car is accessible by rail and bus transport.
Proximity to the capital Sofia and Plovdiv, and convenient connection with the north and south of the country by railroad Sofia - Burgas, highway E - 871 / Sofia-Karlovo-Burgas / puts the municipality in favorable communication situations.

About 60% of employment in the municipality provides mining company, which produces copper concentrate. Furthermore, in each household are grown animals and crops.


Natural conditions in the region of the village Mirkovo allow for the development of mountainous, route, hunting and rural tourism. North of the village rises Baba mountain peak. Mirkovo is a starting point for hut Chavdar and hut Murgana.

Nearby are:

  • Hunting area Aramliets
  •  Stocked micro dams - Rock Hill and Isin punar in Mirkovo
  • Huts Chavdar in Stara Planina, Opor and Aramliets in Sredna gora mountain
  • Church St. Martyr Demetrius from the year 1834, renovated in 1894

Several annual meetings take place in Mirkovo. The most famous of these is Kukeri Festival, held each year on the first Sunday before Lent. Residents of the village and municipal administration are actively involved in the preparation and conduct of the council. Traditionally, men of the village dress in skins, decorated with bells. On the night of the first Sunday before Lent in the village to light fires. Residents of the village leap flames and turn over their heads peculiar flares, ie. oratnitsi for health and to drive away evil spirits.

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