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village of Mineralni Bani

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Mineralni bani is a village in Southern Bulgaria. It is an administrative center of Mineralni bani municipality, Haskovo region.

It is 18 km west of Haskovo, 60 km southeast of Plovdiv, 90 km northwest of Svilengrad and border crossing Svilengrad /the border with Greece/, 100 km in the same direction is border crossing Captain Andreevo /a border with Turkey/. 13 km northeast of the resort passes the international road E-80, which connects Western and Central Europe, Middle East and Asia.

The population is about 1250 people.

Situated in a landscaped area on the northern slopes of the Eastern Rhodopes, 280 m altitude.

The climate is temperate continental with Mediterranean influence. The area is characterized by a large number of sunny days a year. It is characterized by mild winters, warm summers and long autumn. Average temperature in January is 0,5 C and in July 23.2 C.

In the region of Haskovo Mineral Baths there are 15 hydrothermal springs, whose temperature ranges from 54 ° to 56 ° C.

The village is well developed, it has electricity and telecommunication networks. It is water supplied, with partially constructed sewers. Streets are paved and lighted.

There is community center, school, health facility, pharmacy. Specialized medical and hospital care for the population of the municipality is carried out by hospitals in the town of Haskovo. In Mineral Baths there are many restaurants and shops. In recent years are build new houses.

Regular bus and railway transport links it to the district center, and from there to the whole country.



The most valuable water resources are hot mineral springs. The municipality is National spa center. Water springs are with exceptional qualities. The composition and medicinal properties are close to the water in the famous Czech spa resort Karlovy Vary.
Hot mineral water is suitable for spa treatments and spa. Successfully applied in the treatment of musculoskeletal, residual effects on spinal injuries, neurological, gynecological, and many other rheumatic diseases.
To the traditional three balneotherapy sanatoriums, resort polyclinic and hydrothermal water sources in recent years built new modern resort facilities - sanatoriums own spa fiziolechebna base, rest homes, boarding, there are new modern hydrothermal summer beach pool, and well-regulated private rooms. Available to visitors of the resort are sporting and curative and preventive areas, pathways dosed field treatment conditions for recreation in Lesotho-park areas of the resort.

Historic landmark is the fortress Kale, which is located in the Sveti Duh area.  It has the shape of an irregular polygon. The walls follow the outlines of the terrain, 2 meters thick, 3.5 meters high and are about 2 acres enclosed space. Excavations conducted in 1966, 1970 reveal two entrances on the south side and two armies (small doors) of the western and eastern countries in the Middle Ages have been walled. It was found that the fortress had existed since the II century to the XIV century and served as a defense of the village, dating from the II century around the mineral springs.


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