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village of Milanovo

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Milanovo is a village in West Bulgaria. It is situated in Svoge municipality, Sofia region.

In Bulgaria there is one other settlement with the same name in Veliki Preslav municipality, Shumen region.

It is located 26 km north of the town of Svoge and 67 km in the same direction from the capital Sofia. The village of Lakatnik is 15 km south, the villages Tserovo and Bov are 20 km and 30 km away in the same direction, the village of Elisaina is 20 km southeast.

It is located in mountain region on the slopes of Stara planina mountain, in proximity to the Iskar gorge and its altitude is between 300 and 1500 m. The climate is characterized with considerably cold winter, cool summer and early coming spring in comparison to the other parts of the country.

The permanent population is about 486 people. There are constructed water and electricity systems. The central streets are asphalted and with lighting. The mobile operators have coverage.

Here are functioning town hall, community center with library, kindergarten, store and restaurant. The nearest GP and dentist are working in the village of Tserovo and there is medical center in the town of Svoge where also work schools.

Before 1950 the name of the village was Osikovo for in Bulgarian osika is aspen tree. Its name was changed to Milanovo in the name of the rebel who died in 1923 - Milan Petrov Trupliov. Remains of his house can still be seen.

Another interesting cultural landmark is the church "Rozhdestvo Bogorodichno" in the village that was probably constructed in 1492. It is with single nave and in it are partially preserved frescoes from the XVI c.

In the village can also be seen the so called houses - pletarki they were made of wood and mud with roofs of stone plates.

In its area are situated Lakatnishki caves and the eco trail to them. They are protected area and are with the richest fauna in Bulgaria in proximity to them is the longest and the largest cave Temnata dupka. Here there many other small caves as well as other interesting karst formations.

Orthodox Monastery of the Seven altars (Virgin Mary) is located in the beautiful valley of the relatively small Gabrovnitsa River, the road from the train station Eliseina in the Iskar Gorge. It is part of the 100 tourist sites of Bulgaria. Accessible for vehicles on a narrow asphalt road from the station Eliseina in the Iskar Gorge.

In 2007 was found the renewed Vazov eco route that connects to villages Zasele and Bov. It is with new fences, bridges also there is installed new lighting on the edges of the rocks round the route. There are trash boxes, benches, gazebos and information tables.


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