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village of Merdanya

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Merdanya is a village in North Bulgaria. It is located in Lyaskovets municipality, Veliko Tarnovo region.

It is 9 km southeast of the town of Lyaskovets, 16 km east of the town of Veliko Tarnovo, 11 km southeast of the town of Gorna Oryahovitsa, 25 km north of the town of Elena, 213 km west of the Varna city and 231 km northeast of the capital Sofia. Near it passes the main road E53.

The altitude is about 260 m. The climate is temperate and is characterized by hot summer and cold winter. The relief is hilly.

The permanent population is about 590 people. The village is with electricity system and water installation, it is with considerably well maintained infrastructure. There is regular bus transportation links to the town of Gorna Oryahovista, Veliko Tarnovo, Elena, Kotel etc. The population is mainly occupied in farming and stock breeding.

There are developed town hall, community center with library, monastery, food store, pensioner's club and GP takes care for the people. The nearest hospital is in Gorna Oryahovitsa. The nearest kindergartens and schools as well as pharmacies there are in the town of Lyaskovets.

The holliday of the village is on the 26-th of October - Dimitrovden - the holiday of the local church.

Tourism and landmarks

The monastery "St 40 martyrs" also called Merdanski monastery is located in the south part of Merdanya village. It is complex of church, residential buildings and industrial buildings. It was constructed in the XIII century during the Second Bulgarian Kingdom. It is now working nunnery. It was declared monument of culture.

In the town of Lyaskovets is winery Lyaskovets where is produced the traditional Bulgarian sparkling wine as well as different sorts of white and red wines. Here you can visit the monastery "St st Petar and Pavel", the museum of gurbetchiisko gardening and other group and individual monuments. The territory of Lyaskovetz has 120 registered buildings - monuments, mostly Renaissance.

The town of Elena is with 6000 etnographic objects of the material culture, 780 works of the modern art and other epochs, many old books. In the town can be found the family house is Ilarion Makariolpolski, the Orthodox church "Uspenie na St Bogoroditsa", Daskalovnitsata - the first Bulgarian class school and the Museum of Paleontology.

In the town of Veliko Tarnovo you can visit the show "Sound and Light" that mixes both sounds, music, church bells, light effects and verbal effects, it is historical story of the rise and fall of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom that was centered in the Tsarevets hill, it is one of 100 Tourist Sites and situated in the center of the town - it is with five hundred years history, it was main fortress and the quarter was quite aristocratic; Balduin tower. Two international folklore festivals that are organized in May and July every year are gathered in Veliko Tarnovo musicians, singers and dancers from all over the world.

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