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village of Medovo

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Medovo is a village in Southern Bulgaria. It is located in Bratya Daskalovi Municipality, Stara Zagora region.

In Bulgaria there are two more villages with the same name. They are located in Burgas region and in Dobrich region.

The village of Medovo is located 25 km north-west from the town of Chirpan, 10 km north from thе village of Bratya Daskalovi, 55 km south-west from the region center - city of Stara Zagora and 210 km south-east from the capital Sofia.

It is situated in the south parts of eastern Sredna gora mountain and in a valley with a small altitude - about 380-400 m. In the northern part of it's land rise "Golata mogila", "Chona bair" and "Kaleto" heights.

Through the village runs Medovska river, which rises from Sredna gora mountain and flows into Maritsa river.

The altitude of the village is about 261 m.

The terrain is hilly and the climate in the municipality is affected by the Balkan Mountain to the north. The winter is cold and with stable and relatively thick snow cover. Summer is characterized by frequent and high heat.

The population is about 208 people. The village is well laid out, fully electrified and water-supplied. Тhere is also coverage of all mobile operators.

At the central square are the buildings of the town-hall and the post office. The community center and the library are located in the same building with the town-hall. Opposite them is the school which was closed due to lack of students. The nearest kindergarten and secondary school are located in the village of Bratya Daskalovi. In the village there is one general practitioner and the nearest general hospital is in the town of Chirpan.

Near the village of Medovo is the rock phenomenon Stone Wedding. The local legend about the phenomenon says that a rich man was making a huge wedding. Nowadays,  at that place there are rocks shaped like human beings and an engagement ring. There is a custom about the Stone Wedding according which everybody that visits the place should go through the ring on their way back.

Bee-keeping in the village is well developed. In recent years people from the village of Medovo grow huge oil rose massifs. There are cultivated also sunflower, wheat and barley. The orchards that are located to the south of the Stone Wedding make the village even more pleasant and beautiful.

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