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Maritsa village

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Maritsa is a village in Western Bulgaria. It is located in Samokov municipality, Sofia District.
It is 21 km souteast of the town of Samokov, 84 km east of Sofia and 9 km northwest of the resort  Borovets.

The population numbers about 670 people. 
Located at the foot of Rila Mountain, along the upper reaches of the Maritsa River on road 82: Samokov - Borovets - Dolna Banya- Kostenets between Borovets Dolna Banya.
The climate is temperate continental. On it affects the proximity of the mountains. They stop the violent winds and snowdrifts. Typically there are cool summers and long winters. 
The village is well laid outwith maintained infrastructure. Fully constructed plumbing. The streets are paved streets, sidewalks are tiled. Here is a community center, town hall, primary school, community center, kindergarten.
Regular bus service connects it with the settlements in the municipality and Sofia. Airport Dolna Banya is the first private certified airport in Bulgaria, situated 8 km.


The village and its environs are a great place for tourism,recreation and fishing. In the river fished Maple barbel, chub andNase. Nearby there is a dam.

Interest to visitors are:

  • Late medieval church of St. Nicholas - in the southeast of the village. It was built in the last decades of the XVI century. The frescoes in the church are artistic monument of national importance.
  • Not far from the village begins the territory of Rila National Park. It is the largest in Bulgaria and one of the largest in Europe. It was created in order to conserve forest, subalpine ecosystems, forming a unique natural complex. The area of the reserve is 12 393.7 ha and covers a considerable area around the village of Beli Iskar and Musala. It is a favorite spot for tourists, nature lovers and naturalists. Huts in the Park and maintained network of hiking trails create conditions for the practice of hiking.
  • Nearby are Dolna Banya and Pchelin with its mineral springs with proven medicinal properties
  • One of the biggest advantages is the proximity of Raduil to Borovets  resort. The most promising resort allows tselegodishen rest and continuous skiing. With the launch of Super Borovets Gutsal village within the resort area and became the most attractive place for investment.
  •  Only 7 km is the Iskar dam, which allows for water sports and fishing.
  • Nearby is built professional golf course with 18 holes designed by C and area of ​​over 2300 acres.
  • Horse race in the village Popovyane offers visitors riding in nature and individual riding lessons.
  • Each year on 15 August church feast of the Holy Virgin, traditional fair is held in the village.
  • An interesting event is the International Festival of beans, which takes place at the beginning of September for 4 days. It involves a lot of singers and dancers from different countries, with rich folklore program, the most original in honor of beans, which is revered among the locals are awarded.

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