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village of Mandritsa

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Mandritsa is a village in Southern Bulgaria, it is part of Ivaylovgrad municipality, Haskovo region. Mandritsa is known as the only one Albanian village in Bulgaria.

The village is situated on the right bank of Byala Reka River, two kilometers west of Luda reka river, at the Bulgarian-Greek border, 19 km south of Ivaylovgrad, 75 km east of Krumovgrad and about 135 km southeast of Haskovo.

The climate of the region is influenced by the Mediterranean. The average annual temperatures are high above the average for the country. Winter in the region is almost unknown.

The altitude is about 93 m.

The population is not much - about 80 people. Some of them still speak an archaic Albanian language.

The closest medical center and hospital is in Ivaylovgrad. There are also school and kindergarten.

Public transport: Buses from Ivaylovgrad there three times a week.

In Mandritsa are preserved old, large, three-story adobe and brick houses in Greek style, excellent representatives of the Thracian architecture with carved ceilings, wrought-iron balconies and colonnades. 

The village has two churches. Graveyard "Sveta Nedelya" was built in 1708 and is one of the oldest churches in the Eastern Rhodopes. The church "St. Dimitar", built in 1835 was partially destroyed, but there is a project for renovation. Around 1,860 years, next to the church, was erected interesting bell tower of 15 meters height.

In 2004 Mandritsa was listet on the tourist route "Cultural and historical mysteries of the Eastern Rhodopes".

In July 2010 was founded "Association of Mandritsa revival" with main purpose the development of the village, as well as preserving culture and customs and preventing village's complete extinction.

Places of interest

Sightseeings in Ivaylovgrad: Historical Museum; Ladzhanski monastery "St. Constantine and Elena", situated only 2 km from the town; villa Armira (4 km West of Ivaylovgrad) - the richest private Roman Palace; fortress "Lyutitsa" - about 6 km west of Ivaylovgrad; "Ivaylovgrad " dam - 14 km coastline, which favors for ecological and water tourism.


Sources: http://mandritsa.com 

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