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Village of Manastiriste

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Manastiriste is a village in northwestern Bulgaria, Hayredin municipality, Vratsa district.

There is another village in Bulgaria bearing the same name: in Svoge minicipality, Sofia district.

It is located 6 km south of the village of Hayredin, 55 km north of Vratsa, 40 km southwest of Oryahovo, 33 km southeast of Byala Slatina and 165 km north of Sofia.

The village is situated in the Danube Valley, on a high rock ledge on the right bank of the river Ogosta, 108 m altitude. The area is picturesque with lots of karst forms and a forest.

The climate is temperate continential characterized with warm summers and cold winters.

The population numbers around 1100 people by 2012.

The village has Internet, cable TV and mobile phone coverage. In Manastiriste function municipality, post office, primary school, church, grocery stores and clothing shops, restaurant and discotheque, there are regular public buses to Vratsa and neighbouring villages. The nearest kindergarten is located in the village of Hayredin.

Medical care is served by two general practitioners, and the nearest hospital is in the town of Byala Slatina.

Tourism and sights:

Manastiriste has a beautiful church 'St. St. Konstantin and Elena' /'St. Tsarey'/, and near the village is the only career in Bulgaria for mineral mushelcalc production used for lining material in construction.

There are remains of prehistoric settlement, fittings from Roman times, medieval settlement, necropolis etc.

Some sections of Roman road are still visible near the village and close to the career can be seen building fragments of Roman military camp-castle.

During the Meddle Ages a monastery existed there and it gave the name of the village that preserved up to nowadays. The remains of the ruined monastery can still be seen in the area of Monastery, 1 km southwest of the village.

Initially Manastiriste was located near the monastery. At its current location it moved in 1825.

One of the most popular and significant events in the village is the fair that takes place the weekend of the week when the Christian holiday Petkovden is /October 14th/.

Manastiriste surroundings offer excellent opportunities for hunting as they are rich in small game and great variety of birds around Ogosta river.

Ogosta itself is a unique place. There are wonderful places for recreation and walk route in the wooden area around the village and along the river.

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