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village of Malomir

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Malomir is a village in southeastern Bulgaria. It is part of Tundja municipality, Yambol region.

In Bulgaria there is one more village with the samen name in Shumen region.

It is located 28 km north of Elhovo, 30 km south of Yambol, 50km southeast of Nova Zagora and 55 southeast of Sliven. River Tundja passes in closeness.

The population is about 930 people.

The climate is continental with little influence from the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. The area is one of the hottest in the country with an average temperature of the coldest month - January is 1,2 ° C and the average temperature in July is 23,2 ° C.

The village has electricity and water. There is a regular bus service to neighboring towns and villages. It has GP, а dentist, а kindergarten, а library, а town hall, a community center, a grocery store and a pub.

The soil here is fertile and suitable for growing almost all kind of fruits and vegetables. This is why the Bulgarian-Chinese company hired large areas of land, which will soon start production of vegetables as well as building a warehouse and a basis for the development of mushroom production.

An interesting fact about the village is that it is the birthplace of the most famous and rebel chieftain Zhelyu Voyvoda, Voivoda, who left lasting traces in the history of the national liberation struggle of the Bulgarian people.

The annual festival of the village, known as "Kukeri Day" is held in February.

Sightseeings in the region 

The Ethnographic Museum in village of General Inzovo offers to the visitors exhibits of the past of the village - relics, old weapons and documents.

Yambol a town with rich cultural traditions, which offers a variety of attractions for tourists. The city has a special place in the national and world history as well as the fact that it is with more than 17 centuries of history. It is as well the birthplace of many intellectuals of a highest class.




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