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village of Malko Gradishte

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Malko Gradishte is a village in South Bulgaria and is part of Lyubimec municipality, Haskovo region.

The village is situated at the northern skirts of the east Rhodopean hill "Gorata". It is 14 km southwest from the town of Lyubimec, 18 km west of Svilengrad and 64 km southeast of Haskovo. It borders to the east with the villages of Mezek and Siva reka, to the south with the village of Valche pole, to the west with Oreshets village, to the northwest with the village of Cherna mogila and to the north with the village of Lozen.

The population is about 600 people.

The village has well developed infrastructure. Around the square are the buildings of the city hall, the health center with a doctor and a dentist, a commercial building, cultural center with a library, cooperative building, bus station with a restaurant, a large garden-park. On the territory there are also primary school "St. St. Cyril and Methodius" and kindergarten. Specialized medical care can be received in the hospital of Lyubimets.

Malko gradishte has close cultural relations with the village of Petrota in Trigono municipality, Greece.

Cultural and natural sightseeings

The Thracian sanctuary in the area of "Gluhite kamani" ("The Deaf stones") near the village of Malko Gradishte is the largest Thracian cult complex of rock niches. More than hundred of trapezium shaped niches are carved on monolithic rock, which arises from the earth like a giant, 30 meters high, tooth. The role of these holes is not fully understood, but is supposed they were used as funeral urns. 50 meters away from the niches are located several megalithic tombs, two of which perfectly preserved.

Similar stone artifacts can be seen near the town of Madzharovo, again in Haskovo region, in the "Kovan Kaya" area.

Another evidence of place's rich historical past is that of 2-3 km north of the village there has been an ancient Roman road - called "Druma" which was leading to Edirne and Istanbul.

Sokol cheshma (Falcon's fountain) - 1-2 km above the village, on the way to Ivaylovgrad.

In the village there is a marble monument with the names of those who died for the freedom of Bulgaria. Also there has been built a large fountain, which gave its name the southern neighborhood of the village.

In Malko Gradishte was built one of the first Orthodox churches in the area - "St. Athanasius", now a monument of culture.

The village celebrates its traditional holiday with a fair on 2nd of August - Ilinden.


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