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the village of Malko Tranovo

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Malko Tranovo is a village is South Bulgaria. It is located in Chirpan municipality, Stara Zagora region.

It is situated 15 km northeast of the municipal center the town of Chirpan, 25 km southwest of the regional center the town of Stara Zagora as well as around 65 km east of the second largest city in Bulgaria - Plovdiv. 188 km is the distance between the village and the capital Sofia.

Trakiya Highway connecting Sofia and Burgas is very close to the village.

Malko Tranovo has an altitude of 207 m. The climate is humid continental with a slight Mediterranean influence. The rainfall is around 700 mm annually. Winters are more severe in comparison with the other regions in Stara Zagora region, with stable and relatively good snow cover which guarantees a successful wintering of the wheat.
The permanent population is around 245 residents.

There are no schools or kindergartens in the village as the closest are placed in the town of Chirpan. There is an existing community center named "Otets Paisii" in Malko Tranovo. The closest place where a health institution can be found is the municipal center Chirpan.

Saint Georgi is considered a patron of Malko Tranovo, therefore, the festival of the village is on 6th May - the Day of Saint Georgi.


The soil is very rich and fertile which helps in the agricultural development of the land of the village of Malko Tranovo. Cosmetics industry is developed in the municipality, and in 2005 a factory for production of cans and frozen fruits and vegetables owned by Greek investors started to work.
The proximity of the major road Sofia - Burgas also influences the economic status of the village.


  • There are several Thracian tombs close to the village, and remains of an ancient Roman road are discovered between the villages of Malko Tranovo and Vodenicharovo.
  • One of the oldest monasteries in Europe - "Saint Atanasii" in the village of Zlatna livada - is also located in the region.
  • The archaeological site of "Karasura" near the village of Rupkite is 10 km far from Malko Tranovo.
  • The house-museum of the great Bulgarian poet Peyo Yavorov is preserved and opened for visitors in the central part of the municipal center Chirpan.


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