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village of Malak izvor

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Malak izvor is a village in North Bulgaria. It is located in Yablanitsa municipality, Lovech region

In Bulgaria there is one other settlement that is with the same name in Stambolovo municipality, Haskovo region

It is 6 km south of the town of Yablanitsa, 67 km southeast of the town of Lovech and 22 km northwest of the town of Teteven. The capital Sofia is 94 km southeast. 

It is situated in the Predbalkan part of Stara planina mountain at the foot of Lisets mountain and its altitude is about 1000 m. The climate is temperate and is characterized by mild winter and cool summer. 

The village is well maintained - the main streets are asphalted and with lighting. There are constructed electricity and water systems. The mobile operators have coverage. Bus transportation connects it to the other settlements. 

The permanent population is about 241 people. 

Here are functioning mayor's vice royalty, store and pub. GPs and dentists are working in the town of Yablanitsa, where are the nearest school and kindergarten. In the town of Teteven you will find medical center. 

In the church "St st Kiril and Metodi" can be seen icons painted by the famous Bulgarian master of modern art Nikolay Pavlovich. At the center of the village there is monument of the Russian soldiers that fought in the Russo-Turkish War of 1877–1879.

Just three kilometers in the mountain in the forest on a small hill is "hidden" the Monastery of Glozhene. Narrow asphalt road in picturesque area leads to it. The monastery itself looks like a castle and is attractive touristic sight. 

From the village of Malak izvor starts eco trail that passes near the monastery and goes to the interesting natural phenomenon - Morovitsa cave. It is declared natural landmark and it is natural habitat for most of the known in Bulgaria bats. 

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